An efficient and time-saving self-loading bedding spreader for larger herds

BOBMAN SL is designed for larger dairy farms which will be scraped, swept, and strewn with sawdust or cut straw. This three-in-one function be done at the same time without compromise on quality. BOBMAN SL is typically designed for a besætningstørrelse which is greater than 300 cows. BOBMAN SL is only available as a 3WD.


BOBMAN Super, 2020 v 2..png


BOBMAN FL, 2020. v2..png


BOBMAN SL, 2020. v.2.png (1)


BOBMAN Promax, 2020. v2..png


BOBMAN Multi, 2020. v2..png


BOBMAN Comfort, 2020. v.2.png


Farming in the future

BOBMAN machines remove urine, discharges, dirty bedding and milk secretions. The brilliance of the BOBMAN does not end there, as well as removing the above from your stalls to create a cleaner area; the old bedding is then replaced with new bedding to produce a dry area ready for your cattle.

With a wide range of models available, you’re sure to find a suitable machine to meet all your needs - the BOBMAN bedding spreader is suitable for dairy farms of any size and will help to increase the general cleanliness of the living area for your cattle.