Christian Gits Jensen, Director and owner.

Christian is director at Jydeland Maskinfabrik A / S, where he, together with his brother Flemming, strives to be one of the leaders in Danish agriculture.

Christian is responsible for the day-to-day contact with our customers and suppliers, where he ensures that our customers' needs are met at least.

He's the one who makes sure to prepare supplier contracts that meet our and our customers' needs. In addition, Christian and his brother Flemming are the ones whom develop new initiatives / products for the BOBMAN family.

Christian handles the daily contact with our German-speaking dealers and our Danish customers. Christian takes great pride in the fact that our customers are safe with our product and always make sure to solve this completely. Whether it's a customer demonstration or a better understanding of our products, so that our customers for the right product for their shed.

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Flemming Gits Jensen, Director and owner.

Flemming is director at Jydeland Maskinfabrik A / S, where he, together with his brother Christian, strives to maintain their position as one of the leaders in Danish agriculture.

Flemming is our graphic designer and ensures that our suppliers follow our new initiatives for our machines through his technical drawings. A sense of detail is something that is characteristic of Flemming, and it is something that he takes great pride in.

Development is something that Flemming weighs extremely high, and therefore all new initiatives must benefit our customers. Flemming and Christian greatly appreciate development, and this is where the magic happens when the two brothers sit together to further develop existing products or create a completely new product from scratch.

Flemming has the daily contact with our dealers, where he takes care of their wishes regarding orders, logistics etc.

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Dennis Gits Jensen, Projectleader/ Constructor and co-owner.

Dennis is the project manager for new design initiatives for our products. Dennis have a a broad knowledge in technical drawing and strive to make ideas and suggestions tangible, so everyone in the organisation understands the initiatives.

His role is the link between top management and the operational level, providing a unique insight in our current situation.

Dennis is a front figure in our development projects and likes to take leadership on various projects. He ensures that we reach the deadlines we have, both internally and externally. He creates the first contact for any new supplier to be included in the project.

He belives that our initiatives have to add value to our product, either for the customers perspetive or for the production. As a starting point, our actions must always improve production processes or at least maintain the current state. Due to his work, he work closely with his colleagues and employees across the organization.

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